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Optimization & Developing.

Organization Structure Management

Services related to organization structure management enable Customer to temporarily engage experts in structure analysis in order to brush up the organization structure, to implement the management technology and analyze its performance, and then to use obtained knowledge independently.

image8051.gifDescription / Documentation of the Existing Structure
The project includes detailed nominal description of the existing structure and “establish elementary order” in subordination relationship, responsibility areas, HR documentation, as a rule, includes development and implementation of structural changes documentation.
image5091.jpgDevelopment-Induced Structure Modification

Before a shoot forward an organization must do away with “children diseases” of small and medium business.

The project includes detailed description of the existing structure, perspective structure design, identification of structural risks and risk minimization methods, HR auditing.

In addition, the procedure of structural changes documentation and organization statistics gathering and analysis is developing and implementing.

image4571.jpgStructural Risk Management

A large organization having more than three management levels loses money, clients and time as a result of structural risk realization, resources crises and periodic loss of control over certain departments.

The project normally includes analysis of existing structural risks and elaboration of risk minimization plans; the procedure of structural changes documentation and the procedures of organization statistics monitoring are developed and implemented.


Organization Structure Designing for New Business. Business Combination.
Management Companies Establishment

Development of new structure and staff list, determination of personnel categories and the criteria of their remuneration, top-level description of key business and organization processes, description of departments functions and areas of responsibility, development of financial structure by Centers of Financial Responsibility centers (CFR).

image5781.gifSpecial Features of our Approach

At all stages Hi-Tech Group acts as “city architect bureau”. We understand that ideal structures do not exist, that you cannot ruin everything and then rebuild it in proper way, however we know:

the most suitable way to describe the structure,

how to maintain the up-to-date status of the structure,

how to quantitatively measure efficiency of the structure,

the way to efficiently embody the opportunities,

how risks are realized and consequences of this, and finally, we transfer the technology.

Special Features of our Approach is to identify risks and opportunities and then, step by step, minimize the former and realize the latter according to the evolution of organization.


“Correct” structure exist and develops as long as the organization does, it is not contradictory to HR documents (staff lists, orders, etc.), it is adequate to the reality at any time, consistent with the organization financial structure and provides opportunity for development toward project management and/or matrix type management.

image3541.gifOur Experience

· work with organizations employing 50-1500 people,

· commercial and state (non-Russian) organizations and authorities.

· recognition of local and regional peculiarities, marketing environment, budget restrictions, labour efficiency and organization maturity level.


There are more than 25 projects in Russia and beyond its territory.

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