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HR Management Technology

Today the company offers its clients the following HR products

image3971.jpgDevelopment and Implementation of the Integrated HR Management System, 

HR Management System is the complex of developed, implemented and applied corporate policies determining all major HR processes: recruitment, training and development, adaptation, remuneration of labor, HR solutions support, etc.


LEGO Personal™ is the set of typical solutions actually used in Russia (organization technologies and regulations) that are customized and made to conform to the specific character of customer’s activity. Those are ready-to-use business solutions.

image3661.gifDevelopment and Implementation of Compensation & Benefits Systems

They include compensation and benefits systems for sales and marketing departments, project teams, administrative and executive staff as well as “pay for skills”, pay for result”, grades & options systems.


Development and implementation of integrated solutions based on budget management procedures. Development of grades and status systems. Dynamic control of social package. Detail >>>  


Personnel Assessment & Appraisal

Development and Implementation of Assessment Technique

Traditional appraisal. Direct assessment. Cross-functional assessment procedures ( including  360-degree assessment system). Assessment based on variable needs & expectations. Assessment of departments and project teams. Assessment as a basis for personnel training and development. Assessment as a basis for HR decision-making process. Development and implementation of personnel assessment techniques. See Detail >>>

image27571.jpgAuditing of Efficiency, Modification, Development and Implementation of Personnel Recruitment and Engagement System. HR Branding

Audit of efficiency of existing recruiting system, elaboration of measures to enhance the efficiency. Development of Recruitment system as documented and measurable process.

Analysis of employer’s attractiveness. Preparation and implementation of marketing events for personnel engagement. HR branding.

image4021.jpgPersonnel Training and Development

Personnel training and development as documented procedure and controllable process. Budgeting and planning of internal and external trainings. Adaptation programs and career development guidelines. Knowledge bases. Counseling systems. Training efficiency assessment.


Methodology, term, cost >>>                            Completed Projects >>>

image7011.gifIndependent Research

Research in social stability in organization. Analysis of personnel satisfaction level. Research in stability, reliability and loyalty of managerial staff. Research in local labor markets.

Commitment & Engagement Index.

image8051.gifDocumentation of Processes and Procedures

Within the framework of comprehensive projects particular tasks are performed in documentation of separate processes or HR activity aspects: creation of handbooks and presentations, corporate culture description, development of corporate guides, structuring and filling up of corporate intranet web portals, etc.

image5091.jpgTalent Management

Choose the talent-oriented policy, find out the best employees form the staff, change the employment system, so that to engage the best external employees, establish a coaching and practical training system, apply the efficient compensation and benefit methods, carry out regular assessments of the results achieved.

This solution includes personnel assessment, modification of personnel engagement, training and compensation systems, arrangement of master classes for the top managers, etc.

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