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Executive Search & Selection

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The Hi-Tech Group provides a wide range of services related to search and selection of highly qualified specialists and managers for Russian and foreign companies.


Our specialization:

Terms of work: 
Depending on customer’s needs out company offers the following types of work in the field of recruitment:
“We are establishing a new business” 
Project recruiting is one of the most efficient methods used for searching key specialists and managers in case of establishing new structures and businesses.
“We have no recruiter, but certain vacancies appear sometimes"
This is the most productive, cost-efficient and effective way. We close all the vacancies of our loyal customers, from chief financial officer to secretary. At the same time we are eager to offer our clients the most favorable terms of cooperation.

“We have one or more vacancies for highly qualified managers and specialists” 
Services on search and selection of executives, top-managers and specialists in corporate sales, marketing, IT&Telecom, HR and Quality Management.
image4571.jpg“We need charismatic managers with outstanding leadership potential.”
Executive Search & Assessment

Search of top and middle managers with their leadership assessment. Before we start working on the vacancy we make leadership level research of current top-managers of the client’s firm that allows to set the required level of leadership potential of candidates. All candidates are being tested before the interview with the client that allows to make mathematically accurate decisions.

“We know the right person, where he/she works. We need to start delicate and accurate negotiations with him.” Headhunting

Services related to negotiations with the candidate required. Nowadays it is the most efficient way to close difficult and /or specific vacancies.

image32201.gifRecruiting. Cost of Service

Cost of the Hi-Tech Group services for search and selection of executives, managers and specialists is equal to 12-20% of the annual base salary of the employed specialist, excluding any potential bonuses or any other compensation.


The concrete amount of payment by the contract depends on different factors and being set individually for the concrete vacancy and terms of work.


The payment is made in case of hiring the candidate, one week after the candidate’s starting date in case of positive feedback from both sides (i.e. the firm and the new employee).


The standard agreement includes 3 month warranty period.

The Hi-Tech Group Company is not a standard recruitment agency: it is one of the few acting developers of HR technologies in Russia that does not allow as to have narrow approach on our clients’ tasks.

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