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Compensation Benefits

Services in development, modification and implementation of the compensation and benefit systems. Efficiency analysis of the existing systems. Development of compensation system elements for Sales and Marketing Departments, project teams, administrative and managerial staff.

Development of ‘pay-for-knowledge’ systems. Preparation and implementation of integral solutions based on budget management procedures. Development of the systems of grades and statuses.

image357.gifDevelopment / Modification of the Compensation and Benefit Systems

Typical project of development / modification of compensation and benefit systems usually consists of the following stages (tasks):


1. Description and documentation of the existing compensation system.

2. Conformity and performance analysis of the existing system and its elements. Efficiency analysis of investments and direct personnel costs.

3. Development of new compensations, social and compensation package elements and the way of their adaptation. Modification of the existing system elements.

4. Working out of the standards regulating the compensation and benefit system.

General regulations for remuneration (the supreme procedures) and its supplementary instructions relating to the procedures for implementation of the system elements are developed for medium and large businesses.

5. Implementation of the developed procedures within a business.


The achievement the above mentioned tasks allows to create clear, manageable and transparent remuneration system, to recognize personnel costs as expenses, create conditions for improvement of remuneration systems.

image5141.jpgImplementation of Special Benefit System Elements

Special elements of the benefit system can be developed basing on the tasks the Customer faces, for example, description of the existing system, development of new elements, efficiency analysis of personnel investments, etc.


Compensation and benefit systems can be developed and modified both for the whole company and for certain divisions, for example, for customer services departments, project units, maintenance departments, production, purchase and other departments.

image4401.gifManagement of Social Package, Benefits and Compensations

In Moscow a company has to pay for a standard social package two or three monthly wage funds (WF): development of the system / technology / procedures for controlling of these costs will allows to use them up n-times more efficient for the following purposes:


Ensuring company attractiveness as an employer, 
Enhancement of the personnel loyalty and reliability, 
Actual management of the corporate culture,
Compliance with the requirements set in labor and tax legislation.


Development and implementation of the local regulations (standards) also allow recognizing most of the said expenses as the company’s costs, to minimize the risks of labor and tax law violation, and to manage them.

image3851.jpgDevelopment of ‘Grade’ system

In this case the primary task is to develop simple and clear rules for identification of ‘grades’ or the amount of post salaries for all divisions of the company taking into account division (post) importance for the company depending on the working conditions, local labor market situation, location, type of business, etc.

First, all personnel grades are identified and described, then they are distributed within N-grade net, modifiers for various qualification levels, regions and working conditions are set.

This actually allows working out a formula (calculation rule) to get the amount of post salary for all the posts within the company.

The final target of the whole project is to establish a procedure for appointment, change and setting the post salaries.

image7011.gifDevelopment of ‘Pay-for-Knowledge’ Systems

An integral pay-for-knowledge system is developed for the following four purposes:


¨ Unique estimate of an employee's qualification.

¨ Increase in the salary rates for the competencies required by the company nowadays.

¨ Personnel motivation to master the competencies required.

¨ Engagement of the most qualified specialists by the company and adequate payment for their labor.


This task requires listing the competencies required in various divisions, determining the competency levels and means of their certification, as well as procedures for system implementation.

Pay-for-knowledge system is ideal for differentiated remuneration of the high-priced and highly qualified specialists.

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