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PersonnelAssessment andAppraisal

Arrangement of personnel assessment for the whole company or its divisions.

The following methods are used: direct assessment, cross-functional assessment, 360 degree assessment, assessment by flexible criteria, assessment of project teams and divisions.

This service is more applicable for specialists and middle managers (except top management and service staff).


Top Management Leadership Assessment.

Management Assessment Center (MAC)

Assessment of the management abilities and skills of the managerial staff, organizational structures leaded by them and supported corporate cultures. HR and structural solutions support under the personnel appointments and structural changes.

This service is often applicable for assessment of middle and top managers (except owners).Learn more >>>

image5781.gifDevelopment and Implementation of the Personnel Assessment Technologies

Development and implementation of the documented procedures for regular assessment of the personnel. Development of the unique technologies and methods taking into account customer's specific and handing over the documented technology.

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image4791.gifArrangement of Personnel Assessment & Appraisal

Direct assessment. Cross-structural assessment procedures. 360 degree assessment. Assessment by flexible criteria. Assessment of project teams and divisions. Assessment as a basis for decision making.

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Why should Hi-Tech Group be entrusted to assess the company personnel?

1. The personnel assessment methods used are simple, predictive, have been tested worldwide and have proved their efficiency.

2. The using methods are non-labor-intensive for the Customer’s managers and for the assessed. All methods are correct.

3. After a single assessment session, more than 80% of our clients apply to Hi-Tech Group for personnel assessment procedure development for further independent regular personnel assessments.

4. Hi-Tech Group Company is an exclusive provider of leadership assessment methods and support of HR and structural solutions in Russia.

5. Hi-Tech Group Company is competent in all the fields of HR management and organizational development.

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