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Company Overview

The Hi-Tech Group specializes in providing high-quality services in the field of applied consulting in Human Resources and Organization Development.


Our goal

Creation, implementation and development of enlightened management technologies for the real economy sector taking into account the local specific character and mentality.

Activity Profile

The Hi-Tech Group provides services in the following directions:

Development and implementation of corporate regulations and standards (policies and procedures) in HR management, including personnel assessment, compensation and benefits systems, personnel training and development, etc.

Top management assessment: measurement and modeling of enterprise efficiency under the organization structure changes and personnel appointments.

Development and implementation of integral solutions in HR management of organizations.

Development of organizational structures and change of organization cultures.

Audit of HR management processes.


History in brief

The Hi-Tech Group was established in 2004 by top managers of some Russian IT companies, who became partners of the company and this fact predetermined the name – “Hi-Tech Group”.

At first the priority was given to development and implementation of internal procedures and work techniques and almost no marketing acts were performed by the company.

Nevertheless, due to the high quality of work performed and reasonable prices, by customers’ references new clients approached the company and new services came into existence.

In summer 2005 the Hi-Tech Group won the tender for the right to be exclusive Russian distributor of the Management Assessment System and HR Solutions support.

Thanks to successfully won tenders on large consulting projects the company grew more than 2.5 times in 2006, acquiring part of other companies business.

In 2008 the recruiting branch of the Hi-Tech Group took 5 th place within Russia`s recruiting companies.


Methodology & Quality

The Hi-Tech Group constantly conducts independent research on an ongoing basis, implements new technologies and methodologies. As a result of this work the Hi-Tech Group provides its customers with new solutions and products and more efficient and less expensive methods of their realization.

The development of products and solutions is performed basing on the Rapid Concept Development & Implementation (RCDI) technology and methodology, which allows us to considerably reduce the terms, labor costs, and therefore, the cost of solutions, to manage risks while clearly allocating roles, tasks and responsibility of project participants.

Quality management system of the company meets the requirements of
ISO 9001:2000.

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